Welcome on free chat discutea

Chat by discutea :
Met there live on one of the biggest free chatting site with many users satisfied.
The Irc technology allows an ultra fast Chat. That you wish to chat since the general room or by private messages, Discutea is doing for you!

A step ahead :
We developed for you, full of features so that our chat does not look like the others. Find since our site, a complete member space, a unique talking forum and many more features has our chat.

Chat by webcam :
Our coupled applet " LightIrc " has our server proposes you a chat webcam ultra performing. All the same, It is more nice by webcam.

Child protections :
Discutea invented a unique system of child protection on a irc chat. Our robots(bots) can hide under screen-names to take in the act the members having a pedophile behavior. Know that administrators of Discutea will take final answer measures!


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